Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Exquisite Corpse is a drawing game originating with the surrealists. Three people collaborate on one drawing, each person drawing a different section of the body; head, torso or feet. The key, and brilliance of the game, is that each person draws without seeing what the others have drawn. 
When the last person is finished, the exquisite corpse is revealed to all.

A few years ago, Schwartz & Wade did an exquisite corpse project with their illustrators.  I was lucky to be included in the elaborate, insanely complicated project. The results were amazing, below are a few from the project, but you can see them all at

Head... Valorie Fisher
Torso... Jerry Pinkney
Legs and Feet...Giselle Potter

Head...Jerry Pinkney
Torso... Giselle Potter
Legs and Feet...Valorie Fisher

Head... Giselle Potter
Torso... Valorie Fisher
Legs and Feet...Jerry Pinkney

Head... Ana Juan
Torso... Paul O. Zelinsky
Legs and Feet...Ryan Sanchez

Below is a card game, MIXIES, 
and a spiral bound book, CRAZY CIRCUS STARS
both inspired by the EXQUISITE CORPSE. 

Mixies cards, 1956 

from 8192 Crazy Circus Stars by Lucien Lowen 
"FOR CHILDREN FROM 5 and under and to 75 and over"

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