Thursday, May 19, 2011


Over the winter, I did a reading of 

at the Cornwall Library and afterwards did a collage workshop. I had a wonderfully talented and eager group of kids ages 3-13 (and a couple of equally talented and eager moms who could not resist the scissors and paper). Together we worked on a group of exquisite corpse. In case you're not familiar with exquisite corpse, let me explain... You begin with a piece of paper divided into 3 equal parts. At the very top third, the first person creates a head leaving off at the neck and then folds over the paper or securely covers (we used a piece of cardboard and LOTS of paperclips) their drawing, or in this case collage, so that the next person has no idea what the first person has created.  The next person creates the torso of the figure leaving off at the hips in the middle third of the paper. Now both the head and the torso are securely covered and the third person creates the legs and feet in the bottom third of the paper. 
When everyone is finished, the exquisite corpse is revealed!
The  results were amazing and I had to share them. 
Thank you Marina, Iris, Soledad, Ella, Micah, Abby, Elsie, Olive, Chiara, Sophie, Plum, Nicole, Emilie & Amy!

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